The Planet One Exchange is fully decentralized. This means that you have fully control over your funds and the transaction of buying or selling the digital asset is made from user to user. This also means that you do not need to create an account to trade. You can simply connect your wallet or create a wallet to place a trade.
You may receive the “Submit Failed” error message for the following reasons:     1. Block rollback   Your order might fail if the MainNet is experiencing block rollback.   2. Failure to call contracts   Your order might fail when contracts cannot be called, which will happen if you do not have enough Energy, bandwidth or token balance in your address.   Transaction consumes your bandwidth and Energy. You can obtain bandwidth and Energy by freezing the asset, or make sure that there are enough funds in your account balance for burning   3. Network Delay   Occasional MainNet delay or unstable nodes might affect your order. When “Submit Failed” occurs, we advise you to wait for a while.
Planet One Exchange is a convenient platform for buying and selling digital assets on the Tron blockchain. Users deposit their digital assets to the Planet One DEX smart contract, and can then buy or sell digital assets. The transactions occur from wallet to wallet and there are no holds of funds by the smart contract or Planet One. Users may use the platform to buy and sell digital assets using the Planet One DEX smart contract. Our Services do not allow users to buy and sell their assets for anything other than assets on the TRC-20 network. That means we do not support the conversion of fiat currency to digital assets, or vice versa. We charge a 0.2% transaction fee for both parties involved in the trade and a gas charge to cover the gas expense of dispatching transactions (including withdrawals) to the Tron blockchain. Planet One Dex is a non-custodial platform. This means we do not own, control, or take custody of any digital assets held by users on the platform. Users maintain custody over their digital assets at all times. This makes Planet One Exchange a decentralized exchange.
All transactions on the Tron network cost gas, a fee that is paid to miners in order to process the transaction. The Tron blockchain is known to have the lowest fees compared to other networks making this DEX advantageous.
The Planet One Exchange aims to become the worlds leading Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX). Many exchanges available on the blockchain operate via a centralized exchange methodology. This means that in order to make an exchange, the funds are either held or processed by the company. This in itself carries a degree of risk. The Planet One DEX enables users to experience direct wallet to wallet trading without any third party or central authority. In order to make a transaction, no personal details are required. All you have to do is connect your personal wallet to the exchange.  Some of the key benefits of the Planet One DEX are: • Simple and clear design making the buying and selling process a smooth experience • Available in 19 different languages • Dynanmic website meaning local currencies are displayed. No more having to convert from USD • No holds of funds by the exchange as all transactions appear from wallet to wallet • Large number of coins including Alt Coins are listed • Low transaction fees  • Not required to sign up to the exchange • The ability to liquidate funds into the Planet One Visa card • Full visiblity of activity and volume within the website itself • Clear educational videos which explain how to place a trade so everyone can profit • Afilliate program where users get paid commissions on referrals for each trade placed upto 4 levels
Planet One Exchange charges a flat 0.2% for each transaction. Please note you may be charged additional gas fees and it is always recommended to freeze your digital asset prior to making the transaction.

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