Fully Decentralized

The Planet One Exchange aims to become the worlds leading Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX).

Many exchanges available on the blockchain operate via a centralized exchange methodology. This means that in order to make an exchange, the funds are either held or processed by the company. This in itself carries a degree of risk.

The Planet One DEX enables users to experience direct wallet to wallet trading without any third party or central authority. In order to make a transaction, no personal details are required. All you have to do is connect your personal wallet to the exchange. 

Some of the key benefits of the Planet One DEX are:

• Simple and clear design making the buying and selling process a smooth experience

• Available in 19 different languages

• Dynanmic website meaning local currencies are displayed. No more having to convert from USD

• No holds of funds by the exchange as all transactions appear from wallet to wallet

• Large number of coins including Alt Coins are listed

• Low transaction fees 

• Not required to sign up to the exchange

• The ability to liquidate funds into the Planet One Visa card

• Full visiblity of activity and volume within the website itself

• Clear educational videos which explain how to place a trade so everyone can profit

• Afilliate program where users get paid commissions on referrals for each trade placed upto 4 levels

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